Organic Living in Austin, Texas

Organic Food in Austin
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During one of my travels to Texas, I met an old couple who were staunch supporters of the green living and organic movement. They are retirees who own a small farm and grew a vegetable patch to feed them everyday. It’s an organic small farm tending to a variety of crops and vegetables. It was their personal choice to shun every food grown from possible dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Healthy eating habits had become an essential part of their lifestyle. I had ingested their ways and whenever I am in Texas, their farm had always been a part of my itinerary.

Organic Garden rebuilt from water damage in Austin
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Before I met the old couple, I was a creature of terrible eating habits. I was buying processed foods from the grocery over and over again. I wasn’t taking seriously about the idea of eating healthy. Because of my visit to Austin Texas, I started to think differently about my own diet and lifestyle.

Their home was a happy place. I could feel the different vibe of having a healthy lifestyle. The thing that I always look forward to when I’m visiting their home is the huge servings of fresh green salads we partake during lunch. The fresh greens were picked from their farm which has been grown through the use of natural fertilizers.  They had created a compost pit, filling it every day with kitchen waste or vegetable peelings and other organic matters. This is a simple method they used to grow and sustain a farm free from toxic chemicals. Aside from the health benefits it offers, this method has also been helpful in protecting the waterways. It has been helpful in preserving an uncontaminated water in their neighborhood’s well.

Inspired, I started my own organic garden at a large area in my backyard. The unused lot for years had finally been filled with vegetables. I was able to raise lettuces, tomatoes, radishes, potatoes and a few kinds of berries. I took pride in cultivating it with natural fertilizers I’ve solely made. But, I wasn’t spared from the challenges of raising a garden. After two years of enjoying my lot, it has been entirely destroyed. The typhoon which the city experienced had caused flood damage that lasted for several days.

Organic Living in Austin
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At first, I had turned pessimistic about it but I learned to bounce back from desolation. Seeing the old couple again motivated me to restart my garden. I was a backyard gardener seeking inquiries from the experienced old farmers. I’ve learned that they too endured this kind of problem before. And it was more than once that flooding also destroyed their garden. However, they remain positive in each occurrence, because they trusted a Austin water damage company to help them restore the gardens. Nothing indeed could stop them from doing what they love most.

My choice of making a transition from living the conventional way to embracing a more conscious lifestyle made a tremendous change in my life. The natural process of growing our own vegetable patch is something we have to embrace. There’s no better feeling than eating something good that’s freshly picked from your own organic garden.