Helping My Grandma Search for the Best Seniors Travel Insurance

Seniors Travel Insurance that Won’t Break Promises for Granny

To start my humble blog today, I would first introduce to you my beloved granny who is already 78 years old but still really able, healthy, and strong! She has always taken care of me since I was a toddler, hence making her a very special woman in my life.

Seniors Travel Insurance that Won’t Break Promises for Granny
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Her name Is Judith, and the best thing about granny is that she has always kept me safe, away from even a single scratch. Now I wish to return the favor by helping her find a great but cheap travel insurance which would make sure she is covered. She deserves to travel around the world or wherever she wants to be and enjoy the rest of her life.

She told me about a not so good experience on her last seniors travel insurance company. It was:


She mentioned that some of the things that were supposed to be covered and even promised by the company didn’t materialize at all. I was kind of sad that she had to experience such thing, not to mention she is already old and I believe when she travels she shouldn’t hassle about all these.

That is why I called a good friend who works in a survey company and asked him to provide me the best travel insurance company that would cater seniors properly. No broken promises this time. He then recommended me one that has the best rating from their survey, which is Aussie Insurance Critic. Without hesitation, I called them and wasn’t disappointed at all.

A lot of you might wonder how my grandma can still travel at her age; well we have the same secret. To eat healthy and organic, we only eat what are free from chemicals. Especially these days that even vegetables that are supposed to be healthy are no longer good for consumption because of the chemical fertilizers used on it. It’s already quite harmful so I would really recommend that you plant it yourself or go to a shop which you’re 100% confident that they grow organic veggies and fruits.

See my grandma has already traveled like around 30 countries, and she told me that every elder she knew that still travels does the same thing. To eat organic and healthy, that’s the only secret why some folks still kicking even at 70.

Nothing harmful in trying, so please do try it and I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Now that I’ve helped granny and she is still waiting for her next adventure, she will be with me for a few days and we will really enjoy planting our own veggies, she is actually one of the reasons why I’m healthy and that’s why I treasure her.

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoyed the introduction about granny.