Sutton Turner here, your green-thumbed friend obsessed with the use of natural fertilizers.

I actually campaign for anything and everything organic. I eat organic food products only, and I use organic materials for almost everything that I use in my everyday life.

I do this to live a healthy life. I want to live a longer life that I could spend with my family, and I believe that the only way to do that is by following a healthy lifestyle through using natural and organic products.

Another passion of mine is to plant and take care of plants. Of course, organic materials and products will cease to exist if they are not replanted and regrown. Thus, I also make it a point to give back to mother nature by planting my own garden.

I also plant my own food. This way, I can be really sure that what I am letting my body take, is a gift from nature, nothing more, nothing less.

As part of this advocacy, I also make certain I use all natural, organic fertilizers. This ensures that from the seed to the food on my plate, everything that went into the cycle are natural materials.

This lifestyle will do us all good, and I hope that as you read through my blogs, you will understand the benefits of using natural fertilizers and follow us.